Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mason Gage Nelson

We have a new arrival!!! Mason Gage Nelson to Brianna and Paul and Sydney Nelson on August 10, 2009, 1:14am, 8lbs 5.7 oz,20 1/2 inches long. He is all boy and looks so healthy. I am so proud of Brianna. She shows such pure motherly love for both of her sweet spirits and for Paul, also. Thanks for the new addition to our family.
This is the proudest daddy on the planet! Can't help it. He has the two cutest kids on the planet! I am so thrilled for him. I will be going up to Silverdale, WA next Friday to spend a week with all of them. Corbi, the other grandma, has been there since Mason Gage was born.
We are not used to having such big babies. The twins and Hunter would have fit in the palm of Pauls hand and here is Mason, his head about the size of the other grandchildrens' whole body!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nelson family Christmas party, 2008

The biggest announcement of the day came when Paul gave me a present to open. It was an ornament that said "Baby's first Christmas, 2009. I felt bad that he had accidentally picked up one with the wrong year. I thought he could use a marking pen and change the year to 2008. I think I was the last person to realize that they were announcing the new expected arrival of baby #2! in August, 2009!!!!!! Goodnes gracious! I am so excited!
The whole happy family sitting still, almost, for a family picture. Kayden is on the run! We even have both the dogs, Parle and Jack. The food was great and I loved having everyone at our home for Christmas. Gifts were exchanged between cousins and brothers and sisters. It helped so much to have Amy staying with us for a few days. We were able to attend a session at the Bountiful Temple, run at the Community center in the morning and sitll be ready for the early arrival or the Walters family. We ate in two sessions and everyong got to sit at the big table. Everyone brought something for the dinner so it wasn't a burden on any one family or person(ME)


My fabulous brother finally had his back operated on. We are hoping for a successful recovery and painfree for the rest of his life! His operation was successful . I needed to be with him. It may have been a selfish decision to to go all the way to St. George on the worst weekend of the winter, but I am so glad for the time spent with him and Vanessa and Waylon and Gayla. Dave and I were the fifth and sixth wheels but were glad we went. It made my Christmas more meaningful. I love you, brother dear!

Sydney's blessing

It was a wonderful sabath day for Sydney's blessing at the VanWagnor's. There was lots of family from both sides and we had good food . too. Paul offered a beautuful blessing for his daughter and named her Sydney Nelson! It was December 21. 2008.

This is the PROUD Grandmother holding Sydney in the handmade blessing dress that Brianna was blessed in. Isn't she the cutest!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our newest grandchild has been born! Sydney Nelson was born on September 29, 2008 in Lemore, CA at 12:47 AM. She was 20" long and weighed 8 lbs 15 oz.
` She is so beautiful! Her face is shaped so perfectly.Her eyes are like her daddy's eyes, her cute lip is just like her cute mommys opper lip.
My greatest fear was that she wouldn't know me because I wasn't at her birth to bond with her. However, when Brianna brought her up to Riverton when she was just a week old, I went over to the VanWagoners tp see her and hold her. When i picked her up and she looked into my eyes, she told me in my heart that she knew exactly who I am and she has alot to share with me. I know that she has been with my mother before she came here.
Sydney has a wisdom in her eyes that is unmistakable. She is truly a blessed child and I love her so much. Thank you, Heavently Father, for sending her safely here. We will all take very good care of her. Brianna is a natural mother and I trust her judgement in raising her. I also feel the same about Paul. He will raise her in a loving family, active in the Church and full of fun and LOVE.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Brianna's Shower

We had a fun baby shower in Riverton for Brianna and Sydney (and Paul). Corby and I and some cousins hosted the shower for Brianna's side of the family and ward friends, and of course her sister-in-laws. Brianna got lots of presents. Oh and by the way, her name is Sydney. While we were at the shower opening presents for 3 hours, Paul and his dad and friends went to see Batman: Dark Knight. They enjoyed it. Paul came after the movie to look at the presents and visit with family. All my daughters were together one last time before our first granddaughter is born. Paul and Brianna will be leaving with a car load of gifts on Tuesday. We will miss them and look forward to seeing them soon.

Copper Mine

We had a fun day with my grandkids at the Kennecott Copper Mine. It was pretty awe inspiring to those little eyes. And they all stood up on the railing and looked down and saw all the big, huge trucks. They tried to look thru the telescopes; Nikolus and Hunter were able to see. And then we went to the museum and the boys picked out rocks for a momento. This pictures shows just how darn big the tires are. It was fun to have my little grandchildren for our little adventure, especially since Amy, Brianna and Paul were with me.